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Cancrete specializes in creating some of the toughest most durable Livestock Waterers on the market.

Engineered to handle the heavy cattle and livestock use in harsh winter and hot summer conditions.

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We also carry Replacement parts for HEDSTROM water waterers, HEDSTROM Concrete cattle waterers and HEDSTROM Livestock cattle waterers.


Note** Water waterer Pricing varies based on freight. Contact your local Dealer.




841239001822 EAP Concrete Easy Pad w/ 4 Lifter bolts
841239001846 EAP-EB4 Easy Pad Eyebolt Set 4
841239001815 LFT Waterer Lifter
841239001679 14130H #5 Drain Plug
841239001686 14130J #6 Lifter Plug
841239001853 MA052 Mini Cigar Float
841239001860 MA252 Mini Cigar Float adjustable
841239001891 K125-12-8 1 Valve Kit w/12" Arm 5-16 8" P Float
841239001907 K125-12-2-8 1 Valve Kit w/12"&2"ArmQLink 8"P Float
841239001914 K100-12 1" Valve Kit w/12"Arm 14 6"P Float
841239001921 K100-12-2 1" Valve Kit w/12"&2"Arm QLink 6" P Float
841239002003 PPT-55881 Touch Up Coating Teal
841239002010 PPR-55881 Touch Up Coating Red
841239002027 PPO-55881 Touch Up Coating Orange
841239001938 AMCF-1 Manual Cont Flow Kit "Adv Valve Others
841239001945 AMCF-2 Manual Cont Flow Kit 1" Adv Valve Others
841239001952 AMCF-3 Manual Cont Flow Kit " Adv Valve Adv
841239001969 AMCF-4 Manual Cont Flow Kit 1" Adv Valve Adv
841239001013 AACF-5 Auto Cont Flow Kit " Adv Valve Others
841239001020 AACF-6 Auto Cont Flow Kit 1" Adv Valve Others
841239001037 AACF-7 Auto Cont Flow Kit " Adv Valve Adv
841239001044 AACF-8 Auto Cont Flow Kit 1" Adv Valve Adv
841239001970 AACF-9 Auto Cont Flow Kit Any Valve
841239001983 RV-01 Restrictor Valve for Small waterers
841239001990 BV-PC Petcock Replacement Kit
841239002201 PVCRP Rattle Paddle

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